Increasing sporting opportunities in the Asian community


The ActivAsian initiative aims to inspire, empower, and collaborate with the Asian communities through play, active recreation, and sport.  

To achieve it, the regional AcitvAsian delivery partners Aktive, CLM Community Sport, Harbour Sport, Sport Auckland, and Sport Waitākere work closely to make sporting information more accessible (Increase Awareness), improving the capability of our community and sports organisations in engaging the Asian communities (Build Capability), increasing play, active recreation and sport opportunities to promote participation (Increase Participation), and advocating for the Asian community for diversity and inclusion within the Sport and Recreation sector (Inclusion in Sport).

Five focus areas are identified in the Regional ActivAsian Strategy 2020-2022, including Health and Wellbeing, Sector Diversity & Inclusion and Club Capability, Sustainable and Locally led Approach, Tamariki and Rangatahi, and Women and Girls.

Sport Auckland’s ActivAsian aims to inspire the Asian community to live healthy active lifestyles in Central and East Auckland.  We collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders that align with our purpose and are passionate to make positive changes in the Asian community‘s wellbeing.

Using a locally led approach and successfully applying for Foundation North funding, we support Asian community groups in capability building and assists them to apply their strengths to increase the impact of leadership within the Asian community.

We support clubs with cultural resources, risk management skills, and translation to enhance Asian engagement and cultural intelligence.  Clubs we work with have increased awareness of cultural differences and have strategies to establish a bond with the Asian community.  Thus, clubs have become more diverse and inclusive.

Leveraging Foundation North funding and guided by insights into the Asian community, we co-design and deliver diverse, quality, and safe play, active recreation and sports experiences and opportunities for the Asian community that are tailored to their needs.  

Our volunteers play an important role in the play, active recreation, and sports. Without volunteers, these would not happen. To enhance our volunteers’ capability of delivering events and programmes, we provide quality training and regular support both online and in-person that fits in with their busy schedule, add value to their lives and make sure that their experience is not only enjoyable but also fulfilling.


ActivAsian Community Coordinator - Central Auckland 

Ph: (09) 623-7650