ActivAsian Volunteering Programme

Our volunteers play an important role in the play, active recreation, and sports. Without volunteers, these would not happen.  

Sport Auckland’s ActivAsian aims to provide Asians in Central Auckland with opportunities to participate in the local community through volunteering at events and programmes, leading to connections forming with clubs, community groups, event organisations, schools and universities.

To enhance our volunteers’ capability of delivering events and programmes, we provide our volunteers quality training and regular support both online and in-person that fits in with your busy schedule, add value to the lives of volunteers and make sure that your experience is not only enjoyable but also fulfilling.

We offer four types of volunteering opportunities for our Asian volunteers. Check out the poster below and let us know which you are interested in.

Since 2018, our volunteers had opportunities to support in iconic events such as Auckland Marathon, All Blacks games, Blues games and cricket games in Eden Park, New Zealand Kungfu Wushu Competition, weekly community programmes such as Walk with Us and Spike Spin Smash, multiple sport Have A Go events, volunteer workshops and trainings such as outdoor leadership training, risk management training, leadership training, and more.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our ActivAsian volunteers and express our gratitude to them for their efforts, skills, and time that contributed to our community’s healthy active lifestyles. Thank you very much.

We hope through opportunities like these, our current and future volunteers will not only contribute to the success of sports events and programmes, but also enrich in knowledge, skills, and experience.

Requirements of this Programme

  • Be prompt on communications via Emails/WeChat/Facebook/Txt Messages. Complete this Online Registration Form to be a part of our team;
  • Be on time on the volunteering day;
  • Find a replacement if you cannot make it and let us know that person's contact information at least 1 day prior to the event day. 

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