Sport Auckland is a Regional Sports Trust that was established in 1992. We are a Registered Charity, CC23631. We are governed by a Volunteer Board.

As a charitable trust our purpose is to inspire our communities to live healthy active lives. To achieve our purpose we deliver play, sport, active recreation, health and wellness initiatives directly into the community, for the community. With finite resources we prioritise our work focusing on areas of high deprivation; areas where there are large pockets of inactive communities; areas where there are large pockets of inequity; and areas of need. We specifically service local communities within Central, East and South East Auckland.

We are guided in our work using the Locally Led, Insights, Physical Literacy and Te Whare Tapa Wha frameworks. Our stakeholders have told us they want more opportunities to be physically active and to be able to live healthy lives. They also would like our support, advice, education, funding guidance, and leadership opportunities that will enable them to grow, develop, respond and become sustainable. They would like us to advocate and influence on their behalf, for their needs.

To deliver on our purpose for the benefit of our communities and to create a large substantive social impact, you will find us working with and through regional and local partners.​​​​​​​